Décès de Thierry GARBY, avocat, médiateur et formateur en médiation

Le décès de Thierry Garby a suscité beaucoup d’émotions dans le mode de la médiation, à la fois en France et à l’étranger, comme le montrent les différentes déclarations ci-dessous :

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Je n’ai pas trouvé de biographie en français retraçant l’activité de Thierry Garby, mais il en existe une rédigée en anglais et publiée par l’European Centre for Dispute Resolution

« After studying law and political science (Institut d’études politiques – Sciences Po Paris), Thierry Garby became an attorney at the Paris Bar in 1972. He immediately began to specialize in international business law, assisting foreign businesses in their operations in France and French businesses in their operations abroad. He also developed a significant practice in litigation and particularly in international arbitration. Nevertheless, his interest and desire to find amicable solutions prior to litigation compelled him to begin learning negotiation techniques that led him to study the works of leading academics at Harvard University and eventually led to the publication of his own book, Learn How to Negotiate in 1991. Then, with the development of commercial mediation, he became a recognized specialist in alternative dispute resolutions and published another book: Conflict Management in 2004. He was trained in mediation with the Brussels and Paris Bar, with the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Catholic Institute of Paris and Harvard Law School.

Thierry Garby was and still is an officer in several international organizations. He created the Business Law Commission and was the president of the Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats / Young Lawyers
International Association (AIJA) in 1989. He was the president of the Mediation and Conflict Prevention Commission of the Union Internationale des Avocats/International Lawyers Association (UIA). In this capacity, he created and presides over the World Forum of Mediation Centres which brings together the world’s main institutions offering commercial mediation services every 9 months. He was the Vice President of the Litigation Commission of the UIA and of the Mediation Commission of the International Bar Association. He is at the origin of and belonged to the drafting committee of most of the
various ADR developed by the CMAP (Centre de médiation et d’arbitrage de Paris): urgent decision, independent legal evaluation, amicable technical opinion, decision on last offer, med-arb.
He is a scientific advisor to the SOCIETÀ ITALIANA PER LA MEDIAZIONE DELLE CONTROVERSIE (Roma) and Honorary President of the Centrul Avocatilor Mediatori „Cristian Iordanescu” (Bucharest)

He is a mediator and an arbitrator with most mediation and arbitration centres such as:
– Centre de médiation et d’arbitrage de Paris (CMAP)
– Brussels Business Mediation Centre (B Mediation)
– International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
– CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution – New York

-Institut d’expertise d’arbitrage et de médiation (IEAM) – Paris

– World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
– Chartered Insitute of Arbitrators (CIArb)
– European Dispute resolution Center (EDRC)

He is a judge and a mediator in the annual ICC mediation competition and a judge at the CMAP mediation competition. He is a mediator for the World Bank Group Internal Justice System.
He teaches negotiation, mediation and conflict management in France and abroad (USA, England, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Greece, Egypt, Ukraine, Morocco, Algeria) with many organizations such as:
– French and foreign Bars (Romania, Switzerland, USA),
– French and foreign Chambers of Commerce,
– Universities: Université de Versailles St Quentin, Sciences Po (Paris), the Catholic Institute of Paris, all lawyers schools in France,
– Many lawyers and dispute resolution organizations: the American Arbitration Association, the ICC, the International Academy of Mediators, The American Bar Association, the Union Internationale des
Avocats/International Lawyers Association (UIA), the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Association des avocats conseils d’entreprises (ACE) etc.
– Conseil national des barreaux (National Council of the Bar)
– Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature (National School for Judges)
– The largest companies and the largest law firms.

He intervenes as an expert in amicable settlement of disputes with a number of governments: the Netherlands and Slovenia; and international organizations: the ICC, the ITC, the Council of Europe, la Francophonie.

Thierry Garby also founded and presides over the Academy of Mediation, a multi-disciplinary French institution for the promotion of mediation which influenced most of the large French corporations and large law firms to officially announce in a pledge that they would use mediation and other amicable settlement techniques as their first instruments for the management of conflicts. He is the founder of Resolvers, a company specializing in arbitration and mediation and Resolvers Formation, specializing in teaching negotiation and mediation (www.resolvers.cc) and of a web portal on mediation (www.mediationweb.info). » (Extrait de ecdr.si)

Biographie à consulter sur http://www.ecdr.si/docUploads/CV_Thierry_Garby.pdf