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Professor Frank Sander is a leading expert on alternative
methods of dispute resolution and is one of the pioneers of the field. Among other innovations, one of his early papers put forth the idea of the « Multi-Door Courthouse, » a court system that helps direct disputants to the most appropriate route to resolution. Multi-Door Courthouse systems are presently in use in the United States in Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas, and Washington D.C., among other places, and internationally in Nigeria and Singapore. (Extrait de )

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Commission européenne : « ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION: WEB-SCRAPING OF EU TRADERS’ WEBSITES » – Final Report, december 2017, 107 p.





The study “Online Dispute Resolution: Web-Scraping of EU Traders’ Websites”
examines the current state of compliance of online traders in the EU with the ODR
Regulation, requiring online traders to make the link to the ODR platform and their email
address available on their website. For this study, a database of 19,580 EU online
traders was developed and web-scraped. In addition, a mystery-shopping audit of
1,005 websites that include the ODR link was conducted to examine the ease with
which the ODR-link and e-mail address is found by consumers on the traders’
In detail, this report is structured as follows:
 Background chapter on the legal background and purpose of the study
 Chapter dedicated to the methodology with which the database was constructed
and the web-scraping and mystery shopping was performed
 Chapter dedicated to the composition of the database of 19,580 EU online traders
 Chapter presents the findings regarding the EU online traders’ compliance with the
ODR Regulation, including both findings on the availability of the ODR link (webscraping)
and the accessibility of the ODR link (mystery shopping). (Extrait de )

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