Une nouvelle résolution de l’ONU appelle à une utilisation plus efficace de la médiation dans la résolution des conflits

Accueil ONU

« The fourth UN Resolution on mediation, presented by Finland, was adopted by the UN General Assembly in New York on 9 September.

Foreign Minister Timo Soini considers that the Resolution is an important step forward in efforts to strengthen mediation and its use in conflict resolution.

« Conflicts are more and more complex and their impacts more wide-ranging  than before, which places high demands and hard challenges on mediation. Even small progress strengthens confidence and can save lives. It’s important to make full use of the mechanism of mediation in conflict resolution and the UN, regional organisations, states and civil society actors must systematically develop their mediation capacity, » Foreign Minister Soini says.

The Resolution, negotiated under the leadership of Finland and Turkey, seeks to strengthen cooperation and coordination between different actors and to increase the participation of civil society actors and women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts.

« Sustainable peace requires that all the parties involved undertake to observe the peace treaty and make efforts to ensure peace. This means that they must be involved in the different phases of the peace process.

The Resolution was prepared in the UN Group of Friends on mediation, co-chaired by Finland and Turkey, which presented it to the General Assembly at the beginning of July.

In the course of the negotiations, many countries have paid attention to the principal role of mediation in conflict resolution and prevention.

The new Resolution will further strengthen Finland’s role in the development of international mediation. Finland will continue its determined contribution to the international mediation activities and develop and strengthen its national mediation and dialogue capacity in accordance with the Government’s Report on Finnish Foreign and Security Policy. » (Extrait de formin.finland.fi 13/09/2016)

En savoir plus sur http://formin.finland.fi/public/default.aspx?culture=en-US&contentlan=2

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