Etats-Unis : Le développement de la « Restorative Justice » dans le domaine de la médiation communautaire et scolaire

Le concept de  » Justice restaurative  » commence à être connu en France et je vous propose deux articles pour illustrer son développement  au-delà de la médiation pénale :

« Community mediation, restorative justice better together »

Restorative Justice Services started out under Fort Collins Police Services in 2000 and moved to Neighborhood Services in 2013. RJS programs offer an alternative to court for young people with certain chargeable offenses. RJS helps keep these young people out of the justice system and also allows victims to participate in deciding how the harm will be repaired by the young offenders. The RJS Program is currently run by two part-time staff and a team of about 30 community volunteers.

So why are Community Mediation and Restorative Justice Services merging? Both programs share the same philosophical perspective — effectively repairing harm between people — and both are considered part of the larger umbrella of highly effective conflict resolution processes. It makes sense to combine resources and efforts for the greater good. » (Extrait de du 22/10/2015)

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-Schools, mediation center partner for ‘Restorative Justice’

The program, deemed “Restorative Justice,” began last year in middle and high schools throughout Mooresville, Statesville and Iredell County, serving about 50 children through Piedmont Mediation Center, 501(C)3 nonprofit community mediation center and United Way agency. “It’s a major social justice movement across the country, with states like California, Colorado, Maine and Massachusetts embracing the idea,” said Terri Masiello, executive director at Piedmont Mediation Center. “It’s a shift in looking at what crime is and how it’s punished. We examine the harm that was done, who is responsible and look at how to make it better, based on proven practices and principles.”

(Extrait de du

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