La médiation au Népal


« Nepal has introduced a Mediation Act and brought it into force in mid April 2014. A new momentum has been imparted to the use of consensual dispute resolution tools after the enactment and effective commencement of the mediation act. For almost two years, the Act had laid dormant in the statute book because of the lack of the supplementary rules and regulations. Several provisions in the Act tend to be substantive and precise. The provisions in the Act (Ain) are explained, clarified and elaborated through the supplementary rules and regulations.

However, the rules and regulations can only prescribe the details and procedures subject to the limit laid down by the Act. No rules and regulations should supersede the provisions of the parent Act. In case there are grounds to prove the occurrence of such overriding, the court can annul the rules or part of the impugned rules if they are challenged in the court of law. Going by the provisions of the Mediation Rules and Regulations, one can say that the substantive provisions of the mediation act have been largely elaborated and explained by the rules and regulations   to set stage for implementation. Moreover, shortcomings can be noticed, improved and reformed only after the lessons and issues are gathered through implementation. The experiences   and lessons can supply the empirical data for reform and improvement. At the present moment, when the law itself is new, and yet to be fully brought into operation it is too early to pinpoint and figure out its pitfalls. Such an exercise at present   would be very much theoretical and premature though there may be areas where amendments and modifications would be needed in the immediate future. Where would the scheme of the mediation provided by the national law fit in is also a question to be dealt with. » (Extrait de du 28/10/2015)

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2 réflexions sur “La médiation au Népal

  1. Tres interessant sujet. Avez vous lu leur Mediation Act? (Pour y jeter un coup d’oeil: « L’arene authentique  » a ete tres bien pensee pour regler les conflits communautaires, tout en respectant les traditions locales. J’ai personnellement ete agreablement surpris par le quota de femmes qu’ils ont imposes dans les services de mediation, et qui visiblement porte ses fruits. J’attend toute fois de voir comment ils vont pratiquer des mediation legales plus lourdes tel que la mediation commerciale internationale si leur loi requiert que les mediateurs soient citoyens nepalais.


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